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Micro Rain's innovative engineering and rugged construction provides the best option for traveling irrigation reels.  Our industry leading turbine drive system lies at the heart of the Micro Rain traveler making it the clear choice for durable and reliable portable irrigation where you need it.....and when you need it! 

Check out our complete line of turbine drive traveling sprinklers to discover the benefits of owning a Micro Rain system today!


Compact and effective reel sprinkler! The MR25 connects to a standard ¾ inch garden hose to operate totally unattended, with flows ranging from 3 to 10 gallons per minute. The sheer ease of setup and operation makes the MR25 very popular with homeowners for watering large lawns and gardens.

The MR32 combines heavy duty, quality steel frame and reel construction with the simple, yet maneuverable two wheel design like it's smaller counterpart-the MR25. Build to withstand heavy use, the MR32 operates from a 1 inch line (or 3/4" hose if flow and pressure is adequate) and allows irrigated areas up to 300 feet long and 120 feet wide for sports fields, horse arenas, hobby farms, or any area up to 4 acres. 


The MR43 is one of our most popular machines and meets a variety of irrigation needs including single pass coverage on football fields, large riding arenas, small acreage irrigation, and much more!  Built with a three wheel chassis design and integrated stabilizer hitch, the MR43 has a flow range from 15 to 60 gallons per minute and a 393 feet hose length. The MR43 can effectively water up to 1.5 acres in a single pull!


The MR50, 58, and 63 utilize the same chassis and drum size in our large line, and feature automatic cart lift at the completion of a run. The 558 feet hose length on the MR50 is convenient for irrigating longer runs with wetted lengths up to 650 feet. A 5.5 or 9 HP booster kit may be added to increase pressure and performance.


The MR58 carries 460 feet of tube length, and is a good fit for many applications. With flows up to 100 gallons per minute, the MR 58 is capable of watering up to 2 acres in a single pass! This model is widely used for larger sports fields, hobby farms, parks, polo fields, and more. A powerful 9 HP booster kit may be added for attaining maximum coverage.


The MR58RL is equipped with all of the great features of the Micro Rain line, and also includes a rotating base and heavy galvanized frame and chassis.


The MR63 is capable of delivering the largest volumes in Micro Rain line! This model boasts a large diameter 2.1 inch hose that is 328 feet in length. If large amounts of water are available for use, the MR63 can utilize up to 140 gallons per minute for the serious irrigator. Uses for the MR63 include football fields with both natural and artificial surfaces where large amounts of water need to be applied in a short amount of time.