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Fiberglass troughs are unaffected by exposure to wind, sund, and freezing temperatures which means they will never corrode or rust.  Because they are corrosion resistant, the need for extra corrosion protection in the form of paint and internal coatings is eliminated.  Delivered without any seams, these tanks greatly reduce the risk of environmental contamination due to leaks or spills.  They are ready to use with molded-in small animal escape ramps, and without any adapters, major installation equipment, or extra materials. Additionally, they are highly maneuverable, and light enough to be manually installed without extensive piping wherever water is available. All of our fiberglass troughs are NRCS Approved!

Model Dimensions Capacity Weight
R-6 6' diameter x 2' height 423 gallons 100 lbs.
R-8 8' diameter x 2' height 750 gallons 135 lbs.
R-10 10' diameter x 2' height 1150 gallons 240 lbs.  


                           R-6                                                                                                                                  R-8                                                                                                                        R-10