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K-Line is a cost-effective, adaptive irrigation solution designed specifically with the grass-based livestock producer in mind. After three decades of success, K-Line has also proven itself as an excellent solution for other agricultural, residential, and commercial uses as well. Explore how our solutions can fit your specific needs and contact us for a consultation today.


K-Line is designed to fit any size or shape field and a variety of crops and situations. For smaller projects, less than 4-5 acres, many of our dealerships have preconstructed three, four, and five-pod Farm Packs available. For larger situations, our dealerships and on-staff designers will work together to construct a customized design and materials list. 

Various factors impact the number of required "sets" and the appropriate irrigation interval on each piece of property. Some of these factors include environment/geographic location, evapotranspiration rate, terrain, soil type, and crop.