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We specialize in a wide variety of precast concrete water troughs in different shapes and sizes to suit your unique, decorative and specific needs. Our water troughs are made with superior craftsmanship and quality. We use 6" x 6" x 6 gauge welded wire plus 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" reinforcing bars. Plumbing is stainless steel with 3/4"-1.5" female pipe thread through the floor, located and centered on one end in the square and rectangular troughs, or 4" from the inner wall on round troughs. The drains are 1 1/2" through the wall at floor level on all troughs and made to accept a 1 1/2" threaded plug. Our design eliminates the threat of frozen pipes in the winter season.

To ease transport to destination, or within the home site, our troughs are designed with stainless steel lifting eye inserts. 
Our water troughs are cast upside down in a one piece mold and set on a vibrating table to consolidate the concrete. This process prevents honey combs, form joint leakage, or cold joints from occurring in our products. All water troughs have a smooth and super slick finish. We taper the trough walls (thinner at the top, thicker at the floor which prevents cracking of the walls due to freezing). The beautiful sleek finish allows our water troughs to double as planters for decorative landscaping.
Our troughs have the capabilty to be designed with a 2" inlet, drain and overflow to be NRCS Approved!